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   1st european meeting of  the EHA
Welcome to EHA

Welcome to the European Housekeepers Association, the association for all professional Housekeepers of Europe and beyond!
On this site you can find details of our aims, our activities and publications, and our forthcoming events.
The official language of the EHA is English, but if you have difficulties with English then you can communicate with us in most other European languages.
Please visit our entire website country by country and feel free to contact us for any further information. We look forward to meeting you!

Why have an Association?

Housekeeping and Accommodation Management is one of the principle management roles in any establishment, a role that manages the largest physical space in the building, employs and manages diverse teams, and contracts, with often the largest budget. Today we work closely with our colleagues in the IEHA, the USA equivalent of the UKHA.

At National level, the Association is a platform to help us to share knowledge and support each other.
We are a professional body of people and have the following aims and objectives:
  • To improve the professional standing of Housekeepers;
  • Promote housekeeping as a career;
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas;
  • Increase our membership annually;
  • Reach the more diverse workforce of the industry again i.e. hospitals, educational and training establishments;
  • Re-introduce Accommodation Operations training programmes to colleges.

Who are the members?

The EHA is a self-funding association. Individual Membership is at national level with each country represented by the Chairperson and/or their Committee members. Each country will have their own membership which is normally open to all Housekeepers and other related or interested individuals or bodies.

What are the Aims of the EHA?
  • to promote the development of Executive Housekeepers and exchange of information
  • to assist Hoteliers in sourcing Executive Housekeepers
  • to promote the management and interpretation of the role as a Housekeeper
  • to maintain the role of the Executive Housekeeper as part of the Senior Executive Team
  • to promote proper ethical and scientific standards for Housekeepers
  • to promote the interests of professional Housekeepers nationally and in Europe
  • to promote co-operation with other organisations with similar aims

The Newsletter

In promoting its aims most countries publishes its own Newsletter which members receive. For more information go to each individual country.

EHA - Where did it all begin?

Following an invitation from Mme Josselyne HENIN, President of the Suisse Housekeeper Association (AGG) to Anne Britton, Chairman of the UK Housekeeping Association (UKHA) to meet in Montreux on the 19 March this year.
The initial idea was to talk about the forthcoming 20th Anniversary celebrations of the AGG.
During the meeting, they came to realise that the problems relating to the Housekeeping profession were shared and that we felt that they should unite their expertise and support each other with the possibility of opening a European Association. Initially, Anne would begin by creating a website and here it is!

Following on from this meeting Corinne Vyssiere, President of the Paris Association (AGGH) expressed her interest in the discussions and wanted to be part of it.
European Housekeepers Association - EHA - First meeting and logo agreed

We consulted with our representatives within our National Associations and with a unanimous agreement it was decided to start the European Housekeepers Association website.

The 2nd meeting took place at the Lausanne Palace, on the 2nd of June following the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the Suisse Association. With some representatives from the UK and Switzerland, we approved the logo and the beginning of the website.
To keep everything simple, we have decided not to have any financial transactions with partners/Associates, members or venues, but keep this as an informative page, where each country can be represented and have a link to their countries national website.
On the 26th September 2011, during the AGGHs’ 3rd Show Room in Paris, Josselyne, Corinne and Anne met and agreed details for the website.
On the 14 October 2011, at the Park Plaza Riverbank in London, during the Annual Business Lunch of the UKHA, the European Housekeepers website was officially opened.

The Launch of this Website received the seal of approval from 300 Housekeepers, General Managers, Associates and suppliers and we had 6 countries represented.

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